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Worldly Finds

Ever since I was a child, my mother would talk about wanting to go here and there and everywhere man could go. My mother is a strong woman who loves the wonders of the world and wants to experience it all (or as much as she can)! For this reason, I have grown-up to appreciate the love for adventure and exploration. I now too, want to explore the world! All of its glorious architecture, historical stories, and gorgeous scenic overlooks. From the blue emerald waters to the vast open deserts!

I love to travel! Whenever we went as family I would be ecstatic! Although we haven’t travel to too many places, wherever we did go was always an experience. One thing that’s for sure on any trip, oversees or just nationally, is great food! Everyone looks for the best spot to eat when they’re in a new area. I don’t like to go to spots that are chains, especially if they’re found close to home. I prefer to try authentic foods . If authentic is not the right term for the area I’m in, then something new like a mom-pop restaurant. Nothing is better than family style! Nothing!

When I travel, I try to bring back a little “souvenir” from each location. I generally buy an actual souvenir, but I’m talking more about food related souvenirs. Marinades, spices, tips, or recipes. Whatever I can get my hands on that will help me prepare a dish I tried, loved, and want to replicate. As I discover new spices blends, salsas, marinades, recipes, and tips, I will add those to the list.

Check out these pages for more of a breakdown of my Wordly Finds:

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