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Dr. Oz’s Shopping Cart

Dr. OZ

My mom is a huge fan of Dr. OZ! She was watching an episode of his show and I just happened to be home that weekend and joined in. In the episode he talks about kitchen essentials and what most people choose to keep in the kitchen vs. what they should and why. 

He mentioned that people gave him so many reasons why they can’t be healthy….they are too lazy, don’t have time, don’t have the money, or don’t have the energy to make better choices. 

This grocery list of 100 items that he has put together is essential for the American household. Although you may not need everything at that moment, these would be the items to pick over the items you would normally pick up at the supermarket. If you don’t plan to cook a certain dish within the week, then you can build up your stock and pantry over time, but be sure to stick to healthier options!



Printable Version of the Shopping Cart
Printable Version of the Shopping Cart

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