Jell-O Shooters with Strawberries

Champagne-Cider Jell-O Shooters with Strawberries

One of the desserts at the bridal shower I made was the Jell-O Shooter. If only the heat didn’t melt them into a juice… The weather was insanely hot and… Milkshakes with Chocolate Rims

Mango Milkshakes with Chocolate Rims

As a child I loved milkshakes. I still like them, but not as much as I did when I was younger. I will have milk by the gallons though. I’ll… Sorbet Spritzer

Raspberry Sorbet Spritzer

Mixology is a huge trend in our generation. Any party, event, or ceremony, mixology is a hot movement. Even at home, people love to experiment with their drinks. The only…

Summertime Guava Punch

Summertime Guava Punch

I LOVE guava juice! I buy two cartons of guava juice and I run through them in less than a week, sometimes. I know, I know….so bad….all that sugar! BUT…