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Avocado Banana Smoothie

Breakfast… one of the healthiest, yet hardest meals for me to have everyday. I am never hungry in the morning! I have to force myself to eat something. It’s either I’m not hungry or I’m just being super lazy to get up and make anything. If you are one of those people then this recipe is for you! It is […]

Chocolate Mousse Shooters with Sprinkled Rims

At my dear friend’s bridal shower, I was in charge of the dessert table, alongside one of the other bridesmaids. One of the desert shooters we decided to make was a chocolate mousse shooter with a sprinkled rim! The weather was crazy hot that day and ended up melting practically all of them! They all still tasted amazing! Many people […]

Champagne-Cider Jell-O Shooters with Strawberries

One of the desserts at the bridal shower I made was the Jell-O Shooter. If only the heat didn’t melt them into a juice… The weather was insanely hot and dry the day of the bridal shower! Not enough places for the food and desserts. No shade really until afternoon fell, which by then, was too late! Anyways…at least I […]

Mango Milkshakes with Chocolate Rims

As a child I loved milkshakes. I still like them, but not as much as I did when I was younger. I will have milk by the gallons though. I’ll drink milk with just about anything. Milkshakes are definitely tasty treats and may not be my most favorite sweet choice, but if you put mango in it, I will have […]

Raspberry Sorbet Spritzer

Mixology is a huge trend in our generation. Any party, event, or ceremony, mixology is a hot movement. Even at home, people love to experiment with their drinks. The only big difference is at home you are mixing solely based off of taste, mixologists use the alcohol’s properties and scientific properties, or so they say! 😉 I don’t experiment with […]

Green Power Lemonade

On a bright sunny day in Northern California, I chose to pick up my stuff and go on a road trip with my younger cousin to Southern California where the weather was overcast.  WOMP WOMP! We got there and met up with some family who was visiting from Virginia. We decided to go to this spot called Real Food Daily […]

Summertime Guava Punch

I LOVE guava juice! I buy two cartons of guava juice and I run through them in less than a week, sometimes. I know, I know….so bad….all that sugar! BUT I make sure I have the juice on a day I know I haven’t had too much sugar. Summertime Guava Punch Servings: Individual Serving Total Time: 5 minutes Ingredients: 1/2 […]

Peachy Cream Passion

I was visiting my cousin and my darling niece and discovered something so delightful (well my cousin showed me)….peach tea!! She made me this milky drink with honey and placed the peach tea that she had previously strained in hot water. The infusion of the three flavors was so delicious and the aroma was amazing! My nose wanted to keep […]