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About Me

When someone asks me why I love to cook, my first and foremost answer, and inspiration is pure joy! Food conjures up a whole range of emotions and most of them are generally good, happy, and exciting ones. When I think of food, it fills me with comfort, contentedness, and absolute pleasure. Food  brings families and friends together on the most joyous of occasions. Food is the talk-of-the-town at special occasions. Life is more pleasant and enjoyable with food!

Aside from the joy it brings me when someone smiles and really enjoys my food, cooking is also very therapeutic. When I’m in the kitchen, I am free to cook what I want, when I want. The stress life brings is not always bearable  but finding ways to deal with that stress and relieving that tension is comforting. Food gives me that comfort.

As I got older, I grew fonder of cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. Although initially things may not have turned out as I had hoped, my family encouraged me through it all. Now I can make many dishes that are flavorful, aromatic, fiery, and tasty.

Since then, I have been told by many friends and family to start a blog/site and document my recipes. Although I cannot say they are all original, I can say that I have perfected them to my liking, put my twist on them, and hope that you enjoy them as much as I do, and continue to!


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