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Avocado Banana Smoothie

Breakfast… one of the healthiest, yet hardest meals for me to have everyday. I am never hungry in the morning! I have to force myself to eat something. It’s either I’m not hungry or I’m just being super lazy to get up and make anything. If you are one of those people then this recipe is for you! It is […]

Tacos de Chorizo

I was craving tacos for the entire day! I came home and opened my fridge to cilantro, yogurt, chorizo, and garlic. I had tortillas and limes in my basket. How perfect was that? I had the making of a taco right at home, no need to go to the store! It was meant to be! I have had meat and […]

Mushroom and Soy Chorizo Lasagna Roll-Ups

One of my close friends was visiting me last weekend and stayed with me Saturday night. She had been wanting to learn to make a few dishes that she could make at home for her and her hubby. We decided to do a night of cooking to make something delicious and help her with portion control since she doesn’t want […]

Memorial Day 2014

Memorial Day 2014 Wishing everyone a very, very Happy Memorial Day!! Today we remember and honor our soldiers and those loved ones that have fallen or we have lost in active service. Some fun facts I learned about Memorial Day: – It was originally called Decoration Day because it would mark the day where soldiers would decorate the graves of […]

Fresh N’ Easy Guacamole

The weather is getting warmer and the nights are getting longer, but that craving for guacamole stays year round! Guacamole is not difficult to make. Most anyone can make an amazing guacamole! I do have to say though, I have tasted a few versions that I didn’t find appetizing. My fresh n’ easy guacamole is quite simple and easy to […]

Peach Parfait

South Asian Heart Center held a lovely dinner to thank their donors last week. I had the pleasure of catering their dessert for the evening. The organization is always pressing everyone to eat healthier and exercise properly to maintain a better, healthier heart. I decided to go with a light, fluffy dessert that is a nice compliment to Indian food, […]

Art to Heart – Thank you Reception SAHC

Art to Heart – Thank you Reception SAHC SAHC (South Asian Heart Center) is an astounding organization, I feel everyone needs to know about! They are a non-profit organization in response to the epidemic of heart disease in people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and other South Asian countries. SAHC provides a comprehensive, culturally-appropriate program incorporating education, advanced screening, […]

WomenNow TV Competition – WE WON!!

WomenNow TV Competition – WE WON!! WE WON!! Shruti’s Dilectable Dilites participated for the first time in a cooking competition and we won! For those of you not on Facebook or not following me on Facebook, I wanted to share with you the great news!! WomenNow TV put on a cooking contest called WomenNow Cooking Queen Contest. They asked for […]

Spiced Pretzel Crisp Chicken with Polenta

I have been recently searching for food competitions online and I came across one that looked interesting, mainly because of the winner perks. This competition was put on by the Food Network and was called the Pretzel Crisps Appetizer Challenge. I had so much fun working with the crisps. The crisps are very tasty and low in fat! Double whammy!  […]

Finding Your Monday Happiness

Finding Your Monday Happiness Found this on a friend’s Instagram and thought it was a good sum-up of what most people feel like on Mondays! Most people dread the day Monday comes around… that is, if you don’t like your job! People call it the Monday blues. I think each and everyday should bring you happiness. If you cannot find […]