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Midnight Snack…

Midnight Snack…Who doesn’t love milk and cookies right before bed? More importantly… who doesn’t LOVE milk and cookies in the middle of the night? I get those cravings once in a while when I’m up late studying or can’t sleep and watch a movie. If not cookies than ice cream! Something about that time of night when my cravings for […]

7-Layer Bean Dip

The classic 7-Layer bean dip is one of the best snacks you can individualize at any party. I love putting these together for game days! They are a hot commodity! These simple, fast, and delicious starters are great for large parties, small parties, young parties, old parties, themed parties, whatever the party may be. It’s easily customizable to any theme! […]

Simple Chicken Fried Rice

Every time I go to a Chinese restaurant, my family orders fried rice. I like fried rice, but was never on that fried rice hype. I do however, appreciate when the fried rice is just outstanding! I have had some moments of WOW with fried rice when gone to a few spots in San Francisco. I wish I could remember […]

Mango Salad

Who doesn’t love mangoes? I would have never thought I would enjoy mangoes in a salad, but when I tried it I couldn’t stop eating it! Mangoes and a tad bit of spice…OOO WEEE Yummy! Mango Salad Servings: 8 servings Total Time: 20 minutes Ingredients: 1 Mango (ripe – peeled, pitted, and diced) 2 Garlic cloves (crushed and minced) 1/2 […]

Persian Lamb Stew

A dish that looked so delectable to me was a Persian dish that is quite popular, Lamb Stew. One of my friends is Persian and her family love to make this, often, and I really enjoyed it! I asked how they made it and this is my version of that recipe. I served it up to my friends this past […]