Midnight Snack…

Midnight Snack…Who doesn’t love milk and cookies right before bed? More importantly… who doesn’t LOVE milk and cookies in the middle of the night? I get those cravings once in… Bean Dip

7-Layer Bean Dip

The classic 7-Layer bean dip is one of the best snacks you can individualize at any party. I love putting these together for game days! They are a hot commodity!… Chicken Fried Rice

Simple Chicken Fried Rice

Every time I go to a Chinese restaurant, my family orders fried rice. I like fried rice, but was never on that fried rice hype. I do however, appreciate when… Salad

Mango Salad

Who doesn’t love mangoes? I would have never thought I would enjoy mangoes in a salad, but when I tried it I couldn’t stop eating it! Mangoes and a tad… Lamb Stew

Persian Lamb Stew

A dish that looked so delectable to me was a Persian dish that is quite popular, Lamb Stew. One of my friends is Persian and her family love to make…