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Mini No-Bake Cheesecakes

I am a HUGE fan of cheesecake. I was craving it one night and started looking up no-bake recipes. I had all the ingredients I needed to make a no-bake cheesecake, but not the crust part. I went out and bought the little mini-crusts from the supermarket instead. I have included the instructions on how to make a graham cracker […]

Peach Jell-O with French Vanilla Pudding

Quick.Easy.Fast.Fun.Delicious.Light This dessert is a very light, fresh, and tasteful dessert for a large group. I wanted to make a small Jell-O dessert and my uncle wanted a pudding type for Thanksgiving. Instead of making two separate desserts, that might not be touched due to the fulness of everyone from dinner, I combined the two and made a yummy sauce […]

Persimmons Sauce

I LOVE Persimmons and everything they are paired with! They have that perfect portion of sweetness that isn’t overwhelming! I wanted to make a Persimmons pasta sauce, however, I thought it would taste even better on the dessert piece I was planning to make for Thanksgiving! Persimmons Syrup Ingredients: 4 Persimmons (peeled, pureed) 8 Tbsp Butter (unsalted,sliced, room temperature) 1 […]

Jamaican Jerk Turkey Meatballs

I wanted to replicate this chicken dish I had in the Carribeans. Oh man, that chicken marinade was DELICIOUS! MORE than just delicious…. it was a party in your mouth! There’s even a photo of my brother who couldn’t keep his hands off of it! (I would have loved to post it, but I don’t want to embarrass him!) haha […]

Sriracha Shortage! Oh My!

Sriracha Shortage! Oh My! I can’t believe there is a halt on the distribution of Sriracha sauce until MID-JANUARY!!!! YIKES! Not a happy camper! I love this sauce! I use it not only in my Asian dishes, but with tacos, pizza, and wraps!! San jose Mercury News: Article Link: Sriracha Shortage? Definitely glad I bought a huge bottle from the […]


Gazpacho always looks and tastes like salsa. Gazpacho is a cold tomato based, raw vegetable soup (Spanish) that originated in the southern region of Spain called Andalusia. This cold soup is consumed during the summer season throughout places like Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. Regardless of what I think, it is quite addictive! Gazpacho Servings: 15 servings Total Time: 10 […]

Italian Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

One dish that was decided to be put on the menu for the Thanksgiving dinner were stuffed mushrooms. The host wanted both veggie and meat stuffed mushrooms. My Corn and Capsicum Stuffed Mushrooms were a hit with the vegetarians. The meat version, Italian Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms, were also a hit! I got comments like “they taste like mini pizzas” and […]

Corn and Capsicum Stuffed Mushrooms

Thanksgiving this year was at my uncle and aunt’s house. They had an invite of 40 confirmed guests and I became one of the chefs of the night, a week before the big night. I was excited and scared at the same time, but everything turned out beautifully. There was definitely a lot of leftovers once the dinner was finished. […]

My Kind of People

My Kind of People! Always good company and great tasters! Sidenote: If you have not seen Julie & Julia, with Meryl Streep, go watch it now! It’s one of my favorite movies!

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving is that time of year we all give thanks to the people we are thankful for, for the life we are thankful for, and for everything else we are thankful for! Followed by a day of trampling, stomping, and yelling at people at stores for Christmas shopping. How lovely! Thanksgiving this year was at my uncle’s place. Before I […]