Bridal Shower Desserts

I had the honor of being in charge of the dessert table, alongside another bridesmaid, at my good friend’s bridal shower! She herself is an amazing dancer, choreographer, and friend. You should check her out! (

When we submitted the list of desserts to the maid-of-honor who was coordinating the shower, we didn’t find it to be very overwhelming. Little did we know how much time it was going to take to finish everything!

My dessert partner was nervous about it all, as was I, but in the end it turned out great and she was a huge help! Despite the challenges of transportation and the excruciating heat that day! My god! There was not even an inch of shade! When we found a spot, an hour later, it was back in the blazing hot sun! Regardless of the heat melting the desserts, practically, we loved every bit of it! We both got a great work out from whipping together most of the ingredients. You would never think whisking could be so tough.


Dessert Table Menu:

Mini Banana Pudding Dessert Shooters

Chocolate Mousse Shooters with Sprinkled Rims

Mango Milkshakes with Chocolate Rims

Champagne-Cider Jell-O Shooters with Strawberries


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Cupcakes – (Chocolate covered Fun-Fetti Cake and White chocolate covered Chocolate Cake)

Oreo Cookies