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Trans Fats are Phasing Out – Can you say victory?

Trans Fats are Phasing Out – Can you say victory?


Trans fats as we know are terrible for our health! Once they were thought to be a good thing because they enhanced the flavors and made the foods last longer. We now know that trans fats are the cause of many health problems. They are a “bad” cholesterol and lowers your “good” cholesterol levels. Heart disease has also been associated when eating too many trans fats. Another term used for finding trans fats in your food isĀ partially hydrogenated.

Even those foods that say 0 trans fats, tend to serve a minimal dosage of trans fats (.5 grams each serving) because the FDA allowed for them to. They are basically telling you to “take a closer look” wherever you read 0 trans fat. These hidden grams of trans fats do add up and can cause some major heart risks. Be careful!

The FDA should have started regulating this much, much earlier. Preventable health risks as such should be regulated in full force. As they say, better late than never!



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