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Hello Everyone!! Today is Shruti’s Dilectable Dilites One Year Anniversary!! WOOHOO! What a great way to spend the day than shopping on Black Friday? Who went shopping? I wish I could say I did. I guess you could say I did since my mom brought me some stuff back! 😉 Since it is that time of year that we give […]

Spicy Chicken Curry

Indian cuisine has become quite popular the last few years. The spice blends used in Indian dishes are unique and each bite is just pure pleasure. Of course, there are those that cannot handle spice and would say otherwise. Indians love making their dishes spicy, hence the jokes you see in movies, where the caucasian man is crying because of […]

BUTTERBEER is here!! For all you Harry Potter Lovers!

BUTTERBEER is here!! For all you Harry Potter Lovers! I love all of the J.K. Rowling Harry Potter series books. I have read each and every one of them before the movies came out. As expected, the books were far better than the films. For those who are huge Harry Potter lovers, as I am, to hear about butterbeer being […]

Need help getting your kids to eat Breakfast?

Need help getting your kids to eat Breakfast? This is absolutely adorable! Definitely a technique any parent might use to get a smile on their child’s face! The Most Creative and Fun Breakfast Ideas

Pumpkin, Zucchini, and Black Bean Soup

October is over, halloween has passed, pumpkin carving time is finished, but using pumpkin as an ingredient is not yet over! I love pumpkin! I know pumpkin is not a popular ingredient for many people. It is out of their comfort zone. I like to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to trying new foods. I have […]

Chocolate Mousse Shooters with Sprinkled Rims

At my dear friend’s bridal shower, I was in charge of the dessert table, alongside one of the other bridesmaids. One of the desert shooters we decided to make was a chocolate mousse shooter with a sprinkled rim! The weather was crazy hot that day and ended up melting practically all of them! They all still tasted amazing! Many people […]

Champagne-Cider Jell-O Shooters with Strawberries

One of the desserts at the bridal shower I made was the Jell-O Shooter. If only the heat didn’t melt them into a juice… The weather was insanely hot and dry the day of the bridal shower! Not enough places for the food and desserts. No shade really until afternoon fell, which by then, was too late! Anyways…at least I […]

Mango Milkshakes with Chocolate Rims

As a child I loved milkshakes. I still like them, but not as much as I did when I was younger. I will have milk by the gallons though. I’ll drink milk with just about anything. Milkshakes are definitely tasty treats and may not be my most favorite sweet choice, but if you put mango in it, I will have […]

Bridal Shower Desserts

I had the honor of being in charge of the dessert table, alongside another bridesmaid, at my good friend’s bridal shower! She herself is an amazing dancer, choreographer, and friend. You should check her out! (www.joyakazi.com) When we submitted the list of desserts to the maid-of-honor who was coordinating the shower, we didn’t find it to be very overwhelming. Little […]

Mini Banana Pudding Dessert Shooters

Who doesn’t LOVE Pepperidge Farm Chessmen cookies? If you have not tried them, you MUST! Growing up, they were one of my most favorite cookies! Every time I would go to grandma’s house, there would be a box of Pepperidge farm assorted cookies! I would always go for the Bordeaux and Chessman cookies. Adding these crumbs to anything just magnifies the […]

Lettuce Wraps Chang’s Style

One of my favorite dishes to make is lettuce wraps. I first fell in love with them when I went to P.F. Chang’s. Who doesn’t love them! Ask anyone who’s had them. Salty, savory, just perfect! I remember eating lettuce wraps every other day, just about, for a couple of months because I enjoyed them that much! When I started […]

Raspberry Sorbet Spritzer

Mixology is a huge trend in our generation. Any party, event, or ceremony, mixology is a hot movement. Even at home, people love to experiment with their drinks. The only big difference is at home you are mixing solely based off of taste, mixologists use the alcohol’s properties and scientific properties, or so they say! 😉 I don’t experiment with […]

Trans Fats are Phasing Out – Can you say victory?

Trans Fats are Phasing Out – Can you say victory? Trans fats as we know are terrible for our health! Once they were thought to be a good thing because they enhanced the flavors and made the foods last longer. We now know that trans fats are the cause of many health problems. They are a “bad” cholesterol and lowers […]

Sambal Skewers

It was a Friday night and a group of friends were coming over for a potluck gamenight! I wanted to make something unique for dinner that none of us had ate before. I love going through different Pinterests and Yummly photos, which is where I came across an Indonesian dish that was noted or called Sambal. It looked so delicious, I […]