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Tacolicious – Palo Alto, CA


Tacolicious, located in downtown Palo Alto, CA, this location has become quite a hot spot for locals and college students. This extension of the Tacolicious in San Francisco offers more vegetarian options on the menu and their largest bar yet!

A unique mural by artist Paul Madonna is on the wall to the left when walking in. (He also did the mural at the San Francisco location)

I joined a friend for lunch and we decided to check out this new hotspot! I ordered one fish and one carne taco, while my friend ordered two vegetarian tacos. We were served chips and salsa, a staple at every mexican spot, while we waited, but I was not a fan of the salsa. It was a bit tart for my taste. We soon got our tacos and paired them with cheladas. My friend decided to go with a michelada! A chelada is mexican beer and lime juice with salt around the rim of the glass. A michelada is a chelada with tapatio in it.

The carne taco was succulent and tasteful, while I found the fish taco to be undercooked and briny. I can tell you…not a fan of the fish tacos. ¬†However, my friend enjoyed her vegetarian tacos. She found them to be flavorful. She was surprised they had a vegetarian option, as most mexican spots tend to just offer beans and/or sauteed bell peppers and onions.

This spot was recommended to me by a close friend and I recommend trying this spot out to all of you! I have not tried enough of the menu to give an all-round rating, but by the looks of it, I’ll be back to try more!

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