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Portobello Mushrooms in Sun-Dried Tomatoes

I needed to make a dish that was fast, easy, and very tasty. I came across a recipe that was for asparagus in sun-dried tomatoes, but decided to substitute that with portobello mushrooms since it was all I had. Surprisingly, this dish was one of the favored dishes of the night! Portobello Mushrooms in Sun-dried Tomatoes Servings: 4 servings Total […]

Grilled Huli Huli Chicken

Kauai, Hawaii…. what a beautiful place! It has got to be my favorite island in the Hawaii chain…heck…probably one of my most favorite places to go visit. This island is so lush and relaxing that even Matt Damon, Pierce Brosnan and Julia Roberts own a property on this island to get away from it all. The villas my family and […]

Green Power Lemonade

On a bright sunny day in Northern California, I chose to pick up my stuff and go on a road trip with my younger cousin to Southern California where the weather was overcast. ¬†WOMP WOMP! We got there and met up with some family who was visiting from Virginia. We decided to go to this spot called Real Food Daily […]

New Name, New Logo, New! New! New!

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to thank you all for supporting my blog! Just an update: I changed the site name and revamped the logo due to misconceptions about the meaning behind the original name. I appreciate the feedback and suggestions that everyone gave and came up with a brilliant new name! Please also follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, […]

Thai Basil Chicken (Gai Pad Krapow)

One of my favorite dishes to order when going to a Thai restaurant is the basil chicken. The aroma and flavors of basil with the succulence of¬†chicken just makes this dish so much more delectable. Thai Basil Chicken Servings: 4 servings Total Time: 35 minutes Ingredients: 1.5 Lbs Chicken Thighs (cut into small pieces) 2 handful Fresh Basil Leaves (half […]

Tacolicious – Palo Alto, CA

Tacolicious Tacolicious, located in downtown Palo Alto, CA, this location has become quite a hot spot for locals and college students. This extension of the Tacolicious in San Francisco offers more vegetarian options on the menu and their largest bar yet! A unique mural by artist Paul Madonna is on the wall to the left when walking in. (He also […]

Spiced Quinoa Chicken Patties

I was sitting at the apartment after a long, HOT day at work, (101 degrees!! Ouch!!) and I was a little too lazy to cook a full meal. I looked at what I had in my fridge and thought about making something simple that wasn’t too time-consuming. I took the ground chicken and cilantro out of the fridge and stared […]

Summertime Guava Punch

I LOVE guava juice! I buy two cartons of guava juice and I run through them in less than a week, sometimes. I know, I know….so bad….all that sugar! BUT I make sure I have the juice on a day I know I haven’t had too much sugar. Summertime Guava Punch Servings: Individual Serving Total Time: 5 minutes Ingredients: 1/2 […]

Peachy Cream Passion

I was visiting my cousin and my darling niece and discovered something so delightful (well my cousin showed me)….peach tea!! She made me this milky drink with honey and placed the peach tea that she had previously strained in hot water. The infusion of the three flavors was so delicious and the aroma was amazing! My nose wanted to keep […]